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Pre-fabricated Home

The design approach of the modular home is a simple, utilitarian and one that conforms to the lifestyle of the Haitian people, specifically with health and cleanliness in mind. The materials and systems selected in the design of the dwelling allow it to be an exemplar model for future houses to be built.



The required small footprint challenges the design solution to achieve the openness and privacy, as well as the ease to build the house. Climatic benefit due to its construction materials, placement of louver windows and clearstory louvers, orientation and breeze controls are wrapped in this panel construction system, allowing for a continuous air flow through the dwelling.


The living area is an open plan and the spaces flow into each other. Borrowing visually from each other and creating a sense of a much larger area. The open living area linked by a linear circulation spine concludes at the rear porch. The asymmetry of the dwelling is tempered by a calm and balance achieved through design, sustainable strategies and careful organization of each function.

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