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Brolam Warehouse has 37,597 sq.ft. total site area which includes 31,419 sq.ft. total warehouse area, 2,000 sq.ft. total shop maintenance facilities, 8,356 sq. ft. total offices, and parking area inside and outside the building.


CMF was retained for Design/Build services that included the negotiations with the insurance company to determine the cost of the loss from Storm Wilma. The services included the preparation of plans, specifications, cost analysis, and the re-construction of the building.


The project consisted of a complete rework of the building envelope. The re-building of the west loading dock and canopy, replacing of the entire steel deck of the structure with a new steel deck/ light weight insulating concrete system allowing to increase the slope of the roof to meet the new Florida Building Code and  the entire building was re-roofed. The accessibility code required a new elevator and handicapped access ramp.


The complete electrical system was replaced including all lighting, security and fire alarm system. All mechanical systems were replaced, including the fire sprinkler system, air conditioning systems and the fresh air system for the warehouse. An entire interior build-out of the office area included meeting rooms, offices and staff lounge and bathrooms.


CMF was responsible for the construction schedule and cost estimate throughout the entire project. The project was complete in the estimated time.  




Brolam Warehouse

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